Thursday, April 2, 2009

Luv , High Def and Baby

So the Luv has been in California for the past few days to film and hopefully he will return with our verdict of moving, Yeah! I can't wait to pick him up tomorrow, 6pm sharp, Luv here I come. And not am I only anxious to give kisses but I really am need of his help, especially with lil Beau. It has been a little bit of a challenge juggling all this while feeling preggo crummy

On a side note, CharLee was seen by Dr. Chapman on Monday and his neck procedure went flawlessly. After he said," Mom I can see in Blue Ray High Def, and I am really loud when I talk!" and speaking of talking, he talked the whole way home with complete clarity, no reps, and everything made perfect sense. Could this really be the blessing we have waited for to help his Autistic tendencies? So far, I have made a real note of his diminishing stems.  When I saw the difference in the xrays I was astonished at how disconnected his little brain stem and spine were. . . the after was completely symmetrical, perfect and the DR. replied that there would be more electrical and blood flow to areas of his brain that were lacking, it may just take a little while to create new connection patterns.  I am proud of my lil guy.
I also went to the Baby Doc this week and saw my little one , and there was just one whew!  I am always touched and amazed at Heavenly Fathers miracles. I am very excited and know that aside from what I was planning, this little spirit is coming at the perfect timing. . . he has a mission and couldn't wait any longer. 
Have a good sleep Luv and ni-night to all my friends.


The Gurrs said...

Neck procedure?? Is this Dr. Chapman the Nucca doctor? If it is I love him! If you ever need a little break feel free to bring the kids over or even just Beau. I know she doesn't know me that well, but she'll warm up with the kids and the toys. I still feel pretty normal.

Crystal said...

Hey Ash. I'm sorry I didn't realize you were having such a hard time. Ethan loves Beau so much and would LOVE to have her come play ANY TIME! I'm serious! Please call if you ever need some quiet time, a nap, to go to the store or anything. We would enjoy it! -Crystal