Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 years

I don't know why I have had these reminiscing thoughts this morning. Maybe its because a new Chapter of it is about to unfold and maybe because I am turning another year older. I was just thinking back to the sweet diversity  of my life in the past 10 years. 10 years ago. . . 

-Living in Europe thinking it was my epic dream to be a model, little did I know.
-Came home, go back to BYU to do Fine Art degree and find a Luv
-Went through many mates to find, I wanted to serve a mission
-Met Handsome. . .sat in dirt at campfire,warm embrace,MI2, danced in the ampitheatre, moonlight, rain. . .fell for him in London.
-Alone in a Theatre, Handsome rose from the stage, serenading me "Angel in the Moonlight," will you spend Eternity with me.
-"Mission" deferred to the best choice in my life. . . Handsome, married Mt Timp Temple, road trip honeymoon
-Pretty much Honeymoon Preggers, Surprise!
-Seizures, found tumor in brain,Handsome holds me
-CharLee arrives safely, picked out my kitty Milano. . waited 20 years for kitty
-Living in Parents basement single room, Handsome graduates,1 more year in basement
-Certify Baptiste Yoga, regain balance
-Move to California by Parents 2 years, teach Yoga, develope 100's of recipes,eat lots of avocados, told CharLee may have Autism. . .knew he would pull through strong.
-Handsome and I dream of  Living Art Digital, Disneyland
-Move to Utah Alpine
-IUD trauma in hospital 12 days, was told I may not have any more children, told them I would
-NYU online photography degree
-Build our first home in Pretts Place, feel tremendously blessed and undeserving
-Become preggers with Beau,waited 6 years, high risk uninsured setbacks
-Beau arrives beautiful, Puppy Elle also joins the family
-Love our life in Pretts. . . feel blessed every moment
-Pray, Move?, become surprisingly preggers with 3rd child Fenix
-Sold house in 2 days, found home after looking at 30
-Feel Peace and a bit morning sick
-Feel Gratitude
-Life is Beautiful

Sure there is much more that occurred, these are the few flashbacks I had as packing this morn. 



McGraths said...

Shoot Ashley! Was today your birthday and I didn't even know it? I guess if it was, I gave you a nice present by watching Beau for you.

Happy Birthday, if it is today. Let me know!!!!!

Wyatt said...

The brilliance of your existences and the blessed pleasure I've had being apart of it is unspeakable. You are two of my most treasured possessions. I love you guys more than words can say!

Anderegg & Co. said...

Nice, I like that! You are pretty amazing!