Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So for almost 2 days after we sold our home, I basked a little in my own pathetic pittyness. Now that that is over. . .I have reflected a lot on our challenging but oh so magnificently sweet life me and the "Handsome" have been blessed to enjoy. I have followed this particular  sisters blog for quite some time, relating to many of her heart felt experiences and emotions going through difficult times of which we all do. This was a recent excerpt that touched my heart from her "Nie Nie Dialouges" blog. I recommend if your ever having a "self pity party" like I was. . .stop. . .and count your many blessings name them one by one. I CAN do ALL this, I'm trying at least. That's for you Handsome:)

I remember as our plane violently crashed to the ground, I tucked my head down on my knees and prayed. I was not alone then. I felt rather calm in a very troubled moment which seemed to last forever. The plane whistled fast downward and in my head I saw my children. I saw them laughing and smiling. It was touching in such a dramatic time yet another peaceful reminder that I was not alone then, and certainly not now.
I am grateful for my relationship with my Maker. He has preserved my life, given me a second chance and presented me with new challenges that I am ready to face here on this beautiful earth. All that I am is for my children and for my husband but especially to my Father in heaven. I am trying to live selfless in a selfish world and it is hard, especially when I'm the one with the problems.

I have felt similair feelings going through certain past trying moments. So I continue on my journey of trying to become more humble, patient  more like our Savior. He didn't live a pampered, luxurious and care free life. He lived perfectly, and he lived humbly and went through extreme pain and suffering. He lived a life in the perfect SELFLESS way. . .his life was not HIS it was to serve, it was for US. Living in this "ME" society (as heard in Conference of which I loved),  I am forever in debt to HIM for the LIFE he has given. . .another chance to become hopefully what he needs me to be......


Angie said...

That was just what I needed to hear today...thanks! :)

jer and syd said...

You are so intune. I have been thinking about you and your little family. I have wanted so badly to come and help you pack up your things, or watch your babies so you could move with ease or just bring something yummy to eat and warm up your insides while you are going through this. I am sorry I am far away. Please know that you are loved. I believe in your ability change whatever you are given and make it beautiful (just like you do through a camera!)