Monday, April 20, 2009

Bubble Thoughts

Just hoping I will feel less icky for my B-day and packing up the house. Baby Fenix you can do it:) Just woke up from a lovely nap.

Beau is so adorable running around singing the first line of "I Know You. . .," from Sleeping Beauty. That's my girl, that was Mommy's favorite. Parents even used to call me Rose.

CharLee is thrilled with the outcome of his little garage/bake sale he put on last Saturday. We only had to make 1 run to DI and the only sacrafice was the broken cookie plater little Beaustroyer did her work on. I took him to pick out a game at GameStop. It seems to be making the move a little sweeter for him and me. 

Handsome works and works and works. Maybe the move hopefully will relieve some of that. He works so long and hard. . .lets go have a siesta my Love and maybe a little"wrong side of business".