Friday, October 31, 2008

So Busy in Life

So sorry for not posting of late. One of the reasons is my photos I want to post are not on the computer yet , and I struggle to post without some visual yumminess. Another reason is my life became a little less simple since being called to the Primary Presidency in our ward. I am very excited about it; however, it causes me to re balance and prioritize the things I can get to each day. I do this for my sanity. . . I tend to function better with less and a more simplified life. Hence, not a lot of time for new posts. I promise to be better next week. . .so I know all you friends will be standing by:) Luvs to you all. Happy Halloween!


The Gurrs said...

You're cute. Nice pic. Sorry I've been kind of out of contact too. Hope everything is good for you. Good to see your smiling face at church. Love ya