Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For Sydnee

More than just friends. . .
This is a artwork piece of Liz Lemon Swindle entitled " More than just friends."Every time I see it I think of my dear friend Sydnee. Or each time I talk to her I think of this sweet bond Emma had depicted in this painting. I am so grateful for Sydnee in my life. The first time we met we knew we Knew each other before. As Syd would say "Our souls ran out to meet each other" and we were instantly bonded. I have never had such a friend, especially a girlfriend growing up with all boys, who I completely relate to and look up to. Sydnee has been through so much and I often catch myself saying,"If Syd made it through this, I can do it." I am so thankful for a friend that is pure heart and real goodness. There is nothing superficial or fake, all heart, soul and spirit. She is a true saint, a beautiful mother, a strong woman, a true friend of which I am so thankful for her influence and example in my life. We talked this morning and have gone through similar feelings since she moved away. . we agree that sometimes you just need that friend that you feel lifted and spiritually motivated and progressed when you spend time together. Thank you for your dear friendship Syd, I will always cherish it.


McGraths said...


Are we still on for tomorrow?


Erin Baxter said...

Cute Blog Ashley!! I found it from Katie's. You really do take the most beautiful pictures!!! Have a great rest of the day. We have a blog too if you ever wanted to check it out. Email me or ask me at church and I will tell you the address.

McGraths said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures! Thanks for doing our photo shoot!!