Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here it Is!!!

This is my new project.

(Temple Project Ashley Lisonbee Copyright 2008)
Long awaited, I have been envisioning it from a dream.
This is my goal as an artist .

#1 We are supposed to have a temple picture in our homes.
#2 Not just a temple shot, but something more .
#3 Something our children and ourselves will look at and be reminded in a more profound way.
#4 Viewer: To view the shot I intend for the person from afar to say "ah yes, a temple picture;"
then they look closer and realize it has their family in it; then they realize it doesn't look like a photo but rather a painting; look really close they find faint personal quotes throughout it that describe their unique family."

Give me your input if you will. . . .

I want these trademarked cfamily masterpieces to be a physical, spiritual and emotional journey. Something not ordinary; the family will cherish for a long time, and be reminded of our sacred purpose on earth. A moment to help remember. . .

This is the Lott family. Thank You for allowing me to use you as my test go.

I am excited and feel it will be very fulfilling Art to create with families.


ARICA said...

it turned out so good! you've been telling me this idea for a while now, and it's great to finally see it happen for you!

Monroes said...

Hi Ashley...Arica's mom here. Sign us up for the San Diego temple shoot. Next time you come to san diego, count us in for sure! It's perfect!!!

YoungpHorever said...


What an incredible idea!!! SO beautiful for families! Love Love Love it!.. that's my GIRL:)

Next time we have a family picture I would love to have you do it for us by the SLC temple.

I've so enjoyed my time with you this season.

All my Love,

Mama Fiamma
Always burnin' BRIGHT for you!

The Gurrs said...

Ok so just reading that made me feel like crying. That is a beautiful, inspired idea. I would love that for our family. I have been thinking about that lately, how we need a temple picture in our house somewhere. Goodness you're wonderful. Thanks for the walk this morning, you are a wonderful, joyful, god sent addition to my life.

Team Hancock said...
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Team Hancock said...

What I love about this is that it is not too "in your face." It is a wonderful conversation starter for those not living in a predominately LDS area. It looks like a classy family picture infront of a beautiful building again, not overwhelming a non-mormon. I feel with the relaxed family infront, it is a perfect way of putting the phrase, "joy in the journey" to words. Inspired for sure and of course sign Team Hancock up.

Katie said...

WOW! I knew this was going to be amazing, but I didn't know what feelings it would create for me to see it. I can't wait for this to hang in my home, to see the big picture each day. Thanks for creating this for us.

McGraths said...


We loved having CharLee. We got lots of pictures. I'll have to show you soon.


lizzy said...

sooooooo love it!!! i want a family just to have one!!

it is beautiful and a spectacular idea!!

lizzy said...

oh, ash, for some reason i think it shows that this is lizzy. really it's em snyder!!

amber said...

Hey, I just got your messages. I'm a unsure on my will power for a cleanse right now, but I guess thats exactly why having a companion for it would be so helpful. So I guess when you say go, I'll be up for it. I'd be happy just to make a big fat salad for lunch during the cleanse, I just need to find/ make a really yummy raw dressing. We should walk soon, I think I have too much to say for a blog. :)

heidi said...

This is so incredible and I can't wait to have my own! You are amazing=]

Coral said...

Ashley this is so breathtaking. You really have out done your self.

Jackie said...

Mark and I have one in our bedroom of the Cardston that is a similar idea...I'll have to show you. It's kind of an "accident picture" from our wedding day but it turned out to be my favorite one. Definitely a good concept and original.

McGraths said...

I haven't talked to you in so long. I know you're probably busy with your mom. I have something I want to bring by to you soon.

Anderegg & Co. said...

Wow, incredible! I love it and would really like one in my home. You are amazing!

Nagels said...

I love it and I can't wait for you to do my family. We have been looking FOREVER for the perfect temple picture for our home. and I just found it :) You are amazing! Like I said, I cannot wait for you to do one for our family!

Nosotros said...

Ashley, this is Cameron Gibbs from your "old" ward (not sure if you remember Heidi and me -- I have the red hair and Heidi is from Peru. We went to the ball room dancing class you gave).

Anyway, I went to the young m/w auction tonight and sat with the Lotts. They showed me this picture and instantly I knew what I was going to bid on! What an amazing idea and what an amazing talent you have -- you Lisonbees are just all-around amazing and have so many talents! I admire your family very much.

I just got home and had to check out the picture again on your blog (I think I overheard Sis Sanborn mention that she saw it here so I did a search for a lisonbee blog and found it). I'm about to call my wife to tell her about it and email her this picture -- she is going to love it -- she is in Peru with the boys).

BTW, just about everyone there bid on it -- I think it was the item that went for the most... which tells you how special it really is.

Thanks for sharing your talents to help out the youth in the ward. Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, we did win the auction! :)