Monday, October 13, 2008

For Amber

Amber ,
Thank you for being a great example and sharing your thoughts. I am so thankful for women like you who I can learn and grow from. You are one of those people I think my subconscious soul was drawn to get to know. . . I felt like we were connected somehow even before I met you. You are a beautiful person. It would be fun to figure out a time to do Yoga or walk together if possible.
Namaste until then.


The Gurrs said...

Girlie!! My eyes welled up with tears! You are just too sweet. I'm very grateful you dropped by today, it's so nice to feel connected to someone outside my little house. I'm glad we're more on the same page with yoga now - I didn't know we weren't as much before, but I'm glad we are now. :) Yoga fits with everything so much better this way . . . like it can finally fill a piece in the puzzle of the "truth circumscribed into one great whole." Thank you so much for all your reaching out. It means a lot to me.