Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recipe of the Week

Ash's RawMa Coconut Balls & Honey Nut flax Balls
These are little yummy treats my kids love and they are good for them!


2 C Organic unsweetened coconut flakes
1 C Organic Almond meal
1/4 tsp real salt
1/4 tsp non-alcohol Frontier vanilla
2 Tbsp organic raw maple syrup
1 Tbsp coconut oil

Mix,Form into bite size balls; put in the fridge 1/2 hour and enjoy!

Honey Nut Flax

1/8 C ground golden flax
1/4 C almond butter
1/4 C honey
1 C Organic rolled oats
1/4 C chopped pecans/almonds or pumpkin seeds
1/2 C organic fruit sweetened chocolate chips
2 tsp coconut oil

Mix almond butter,honey & oil
Add chips,rolled oats and nuts
Mix and form into bite size balls
Put into fridge and enjoy!


The Gurrs said...

Thank you! Thank you! P.S. I want to talk to you about yoga studio ideas in the near future. Considering mentioning something to D'ana . . . wondering if you would want to be included in that mentioning.

The Gurrs said...

Thank you so much for your comment, it was heart warming. :) So, I think I'm just going to e-mail D'ana and just kind of put it out there that if she wants to open a studio in Lehi you and I would be willing to kind of head it up . . . since we would both love to have something like that going but don't have the money. You never know. She did temporarily have that studio in Spanish Fork that didn't stick. Also I thought it would be nice for it to be more of a yoga wellness center, with health classes, and a room for massage and energy work. Just some dreaming - it's worth an e-mail right!?