Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Gift For Our Savior

Why the little pouch?

This is one of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions. We write down a promise/gift to our Savior and then place it in the pouch and into the year capsule box and put it under the tree. We then read our last years gift to see how we did. It is our first gift we give on Christmas Eve.  We also give each other pj's and each of our children a new ornament to place on the tree. This year its wooden hand carved snowmen. Bake up some good cookies , pour the milk and watch the Nativity as we snuggle with warm cocoa. Then its off to bed for another Eve night of wonderment, sweet dreams and Joy!


Team Hancock said...

Hey Ash,
I'm just checking in with you, making sure all is well with the lisonbee clan. I am not use to having to wait for an entry!! Let me know! We called when we were there, but didn't hear back. I figured you were just busy with the holidays...just let me know if everything is ok.

much love...