Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thanksgiving Surprise

Thanksgiving this year was a good one. We had it at Grandma and Grandpa Horse's. It was an easy task for me because I was only required to bring green beans.

And I still don't know what is up but I have no desire to eat meat. . . ever since Beau was born. . . .nope. . . still no wanting. I did take a small bite of Matthew's turkey. I think my plate consisted of salad, green beans and a bit of potatoes. I am very grateful for the food however, yeah, I guess I really could go for a Vegan Thanksgiving. The sweet potatoes are always a hit.

Maybe next year we can have the whole family come from California and have it here. And for sure do the whole "mommy shrunk the turkey" trick Mom used to do.

So the morning after Thanksgiving we found this!

Yup. Six Australian puppies. And they came from our Elle.

One like Elle, one a chocolate brown (of which I have named Romeo and we plan to keep) and 4 black with white spots (cow puppies). So adorable!

We would really like to find Puppy loving homes for them so if you are interested please speak now. They are beautiful and intellegent and better yet for FREE. They will be good to go for a surprise Christmas gift! Call 885-9920 Matthew.

A Christmas puppy. . . . Anyone?


McGraths said...

I want one. Dylan won't go for it. I'll have to stop by and see them!


Arica said...

NO WAY!!!! i want to come see them! you know me and dogs, they just melt my heart!!

YoungpHorever said...

Ashley ROSElove! OH MY GOSH!!! I didn't notice Elle had a belly! and I thought she was fixed??? or was that Milano....oh well.. WOW puppies galore. I bet Isabeau is in puppylove heaven! Speakin of puppies.. BE SURE TO take the kids to BOLT! A darling Disney animation about a dog named Bolt.(voice is John Travolta) WE LOVED IT! came in very close to THE INCREDIBLES! LOVE YOU ALL
Mama Fiamma

Angie said...

WOW...cute puppies. My girls would absolutely LOVE a dog...I just don't think the time is right for my sanity, lol...How fun for your kiddos though!