Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Traditions Lit

Here we are again. . .another year has flown by and again we sit in front of our bare tree ready for the traditional decorating to begin.

We begin by having an oriental style meal. . .this year CharLee attempted to learn to use his chopsticks:)

Then we all get into our jammies and robes and stew up some good ol' hot chocolate. Actually to be honest this year I had herbal tea, CharLee had a eggnog cocoa concoction and Matthew and Beau preferred Eggnog as their beverage of choice.

Then we all gathered around our humble little tree . We go in order youngest to oldest and take a bear and place it on the tree. When we place a bear we have to say something we are grateful for or something we love about another in our family.

This was Beaus first year to really enjoy this and she did, being the little animal lover she is. . . . .she just kept saying Oh! BEEEEEAR.

CharLee was very tender first saying he was grateful for his loving family.

We ended the night with one bowl brownies and peppermint and eggnog ice cream and enjoyed the pine smell and tree glow. . . .let the holiday spirit begin, traditions lit!


Wyatt said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your life you guys! I love every post and I'm SO GRATEFUL you are my friends. I love you and think of you often. Christmas at your house looks perfect. Sign me up for next year cause I want some of that egg nog and I would also like to place a bear on the tree if that's possible. Can mine be a Panda Bear cause I've been in China so long?


The Gurrs said...

Oh miss Ashley. That was beautiful . . the tradition, the narrating, the pictures, your family. Man! We just put our stuff on the tree! Who knew how much we've been missing! You are so diligent with your blog and I love it. Also, I got your message, that's all fine, maybe it's supposed to happen a little later. Luvs.

Jeff/Amber/Jade said...

What a beautiful family. You have got to love family traditions. Thanks for the great ideas! your kids are getting old. Wow! We have a 3 1/2 month young little girl named Jade Rose. I have never loved as much as i two girls!! Jeff

Jannee said...

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for re-sending me the lind to your blog!! It is so much fun to see you and your beautiful family!!


Lorie said...

This really warmed my heart...last night Lane, Dad and I carried on the tradition of gratitude expressed with each bear placed on our Christmas tree. I am so grateful for each of my beautiful children and for the lives they are living which reflects faith in the promised gift given us from our Father in Heaven with the birth of his Son, our elder brother Jesus Christ...the greatest gift ever given.

I love you guys!