Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Gift

December 8th 2000. Eight years ago I made the most important divine choice in my life. My blessing had said I could choose from amongst His noble men. . . . and I found my complete. . . . my love Matthew. I remember driving down the road telling my Mom my choice was perfect and confirmed by the spirit, this is who I was to be with and he would be the one to get me through my life. Looking back so many times of his complete selfless devotion to my life. Moments of pure joy, dancing in the rain, composing music for me, our children; moments of him waiting on and holding me when I was weak, lethargic and unable to fulfill my calling as a mother; moments of his faith building me up as he would calm my fears and anxiety; moments of stillness and calm just being together at home. Always reassuring me , "Even when you feel like this, I promise," stroking my hair with his gentle hands. I love him with everything I am, he is my comfort, my power, my joy, my closest friend and the love I never thought was for real. . . existing only in fairy tales. . . it is real. He completes my soul. I love him. My Gift. Infinity On End. 12800


YoungpHorever said...

I remember you telling me that Matthew was "the One" who would get you through life, Ashley Rose. Your tribute to him on your 8th anniversary is so beautiful.

We only had ONE daughter,(princess)... and we wanted her to be happy, especially in her marriage. Thank You, Matthew for not only making Ashley's dreams come true, but ours (as parents) also. Look at all the beauty you two have built together!


WE LOVE YOU ALL,(somethin' fierce:)

Mama Fiamma XOXOXOX

Lorie said...


Thank you for loving Matthew. You make him whole. You continue to be such a blessing in all of our lives. Happy Anniversary to two beautiful people.

Happy Anniversary (I can't believe it has been eight years!)

Team Hancock said...

Happy anniversary!! your love for each other is so endearing. Congratulations to 8 years down and many more years to celebrate.