Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Curious Beau Strikes Again

Once again the Curious Beau strikes again. Yesterday I had a photo shoot and the whole family came because there was a playground nearby. Matthew told CharLee to keep an eye on Beau while he lifted some furniture for me. Minutes later, Beau came over to us with little bloody hands, holding a broken glass bottle. . . . just happily playing. . . not crying. . . just happily cutting up her little hands. It wasn't serious but for sure a little startling.  She just looked up at Matthew and said," Oh, Owwwwwie" with a smile.

Today, CharLee wanted to go play in the snow since we had our first snowfall that hasn't melted. So I was helping him put on his gloves when it became quite and I said Where is Beau. I quickly ran around the house looking and she was no where. I ran downstairs to see if she went to see the puppies. Sure enough. I found her holding a cake dusted puppy and Elle licking up  the rest of the cake mix she opened and spread Everywhere! Never a dull moment with Beau. . . I feel its going to be a very entertaining ride with her.
Today I found myself making some Holiday errands , one of which was Roberts crafts to pick up some yarn to make some gift scarfletts. I did have little Beau with me. It is nice sometimes to be out and about with her because she is contained from mischief. . . either in a car seat or shopping cart, well usually. But this didn't work today and did not keep her from her little mischievous self. I was walking around Roberts looking at all kinds of gifts and things when I received a phone call from my brother Adam. Adam and I talked for a while as I looked at art supplies and paints. Adam also asked how the kids were and I went on to tell him how little Beau is so sweet but quite the destroyer of things. Then I glanced down at Beau and she had pulled a white acrylic paint off the shelf opened it and was pouring it all over her head and body. She also had my yarn torn apart and mangled. I just had to laugh, because just as I was describing this little one, she was in her act. I love you my little Beaustroyer.
Yesterday as I dressed Beau I noticed she was filling up her jeans and sporting the whole flood look. I knew it was time again to rake through her closet and sift out the small clothes. As I was doing this I found myself kind of excited to see she is growing and coming upon a new fun stage of babyness but also a little anxiety ridden because the monies are a little tight with Christmas and all. At night I opened my scriptures and fell upon the verse about the Lillies of the field. I know that I had not to worry and Heavenly Father is aware of ALL our needs. So today I had a friend come to me and say that she had a whole tub of size 18mos. girl clothes and asked if I would like to have them. I know Heavenly Father takes care of us and always has and always will. I am always in awe of how He answers my prayers.


Arica said...

oh bless her little mischievous soul! we love that little bundle of yours!

Team Hancock said...

oh the joys of little ones. She is such a doll! Hey we will be in town from the 19th to the 1st. lets plan a day to get together.