Saturday, December 6, 2008

CharLee melts my heart

I went to pick up Charlee today from play practice and he asked me if we could go to Target. . . . He went on to explain we needeed to shop for the kids we picked off the giving tree.  It was so neat to hear him and see his excitment as he contemplated a plan for the gifts he thought would be best for each child.  At Target he was so sincere and worried about the gifts and then he started thinking about Daddy, Mom, Beau, grandparents and more gifts he wanted to give.  To see my own child at such a young age be excited to give to others was so tender.  Last year,when we were really struggling, I remember him being so creative and gave his friends homemade cookies and a peice of plastic "poppers" from some old packaging in the basement.  Sometimes you wonder if your children are "getting it", and somtimes you even view adults that still don't get it. I mean the pure meaning of Christmas and the feeling you recieve when you loose yourself and give. Our Savior was the perfect example of this.  After we shopped, we hopped in the car and as we were driving home at a nice 25 speed pace (since I received my first ticket last week) listening to FM100 holiday tunes, CharLee said, "Mom. . . . its fun to give." At this moment my heart melted.  I hope he always remembers, as I will this moment. CharLee you are a good. I love you.