Sunday, January 4, 2009


Due to peer pressure I have found myself immersed in the so chic fad of the Twilight series. I have to say aside from the suggestions to read them. . .I was drawn because I heard the author began  to write them because of a dream. Why then read them? Because those of you that don't know, My Luv, also has day dreams of his novel he is writing. It turns out I have been having a good time reading them, and I am not a big reader. . .and it has nothing to do with an obsession with Edward.  I am blessed to have my dream Luv of my life . . . and come to think, he does have multiple similarities. . . hopeful romantic, composer pianist and so sensitive and gentle with my fragile life. In  the first book I found myself relating to Bella. . being a simple kind of odd  being (especially in high school) and totally enthralled with my dream life with Matthew. Aside from relating to the developed characterization; I am intrigued with how this author has captivated such an audience. . what a talent. One day I hope Matthew will have the same opportunity. So, I finished the second book and it feels like I am on Disneyland ride, a crazy fun fictional world , and I am excited to continue the saga. It has such great character development and unpredictable storyline. And for those who have read it, I am torn. . .I like and don't like Edward and Jacob for different reasons; my taste. . . I'll go with Matthew:) Good Luck Bella. . . .on to book three- Eclipse.