Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soul Goals 2009

For Family Night this week we decided to come up with not necessarily New Years Resolutions but just simple goals that would make us stronger souls of our Father in Heaven. I believe there is always room for chiseling away the rough from the diamond.  If we truly believe we are Sons and Daughters of a Supreme Being then why not work at that belief and treat our bodies, spirits, minds and hearts (Our Temples and Gifts) to a little maintenance and TLC. And so we move forward becoming who we intend to be. . . a little stronger. . . . a little more balanced. . . a little more at peace.

Some of CharLee's response's: Be a good brother to Beau and prepare to be baptised and learn Art with Mom:) I love my little creative boy!

We wrote down our thoughts and then placed them where we will be reminded of them all year; hence my goals. . . on my blog column. . . for the rest of the year. 

Luvs, Gpants


The Gurrs said...

Hey, my baby is crying but I just had a minute to read your last two blogs and they were of course wonderful. Wondering about pictures next Saturday?