Friday, January 23, 2009

School School?

To School or Not to School?

CharLee for the past two months now has been asking me if he can do home school. At first I was thinking that is a nice thought but never considered it. Since CharLee was very young I had a feeling that I would need to be aware of his unique needs and brilliance and research options of schooling for him. Now that he has come to me, I feel the desire to research ,and yes I am doing it and I feel like I am doing the right thing. So far I have read a little on homeschooling looked into semi private schools and private schools. I do believe that as a parent I am first responsible for my children's education and I only have these years to feel like I did what was best for them.I don't want to look back and say "Well his school didn't help him much." I think this  is how Heavenly Father intended it to be, as parents we teach them, whether we choose to seek outsource education or at home I feel I need to be fully aware of how my children are being taught. So far I don't know that I will do home school, I am feeling good about the prospects of him in this smaller private school where they incorporate Faith principles. If we do go with the private school I am still going to read home schooling ideas because I think there is some great  truth to their concepts of how to teach about life, respect and prosperity  in the home. I am having fun on this little journey and I pray I will be led to the right choice for my children. If any of you have advice or can lead me to favorite resources I would love the feedback.
Luvs, Gpants


Team Hancock said...

Hey Ashley,

I will invite you again, I actually don't blog anymore because of this one can get into my blog. I put it on private and seriously like only 50% can get in. I think I will just email updates to you. Jeremy and I have been on the exact school or not. Infact Jeremy was on a great website yesterday about it. In the military a good majority homeschool because of the moving around. I have been introduced to an amazing crowd of homeschooling mothers. I will take this journey of learning about it with you. I will send you the links and thoughts and we can share ideas about it.

bakers said...

Hi Ashley,
I have been considering the same thing. We actually started a little homeschool when Pierce was off track. I feel so good about it but don't really know what to do. Please let me know what you find out. I have a good friend that homeschools and she said a good place to start is (I think that is the web address, not sure though).