Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Preggo Woman

So we should most likely now for sure where when and where we are moving this Saturday. Matthew is taking a little trip to California to see those options and then from there I know we will know the verdict. Both have presented pros and cons thus far and now I am extremely anxious to just know for SURE.  

Being pregnant this time has been quite the trip. My body has been sick constantly and whatever little being is inside tells me I don't want veggies, Crazy!  I however down them anyway. Last night i did give in to my intense cravings. We took the family to Cabela's to see the animals and fish and we ate at the cafe. The thing that my body was wanting fiercely was a red meat sandwich. I had an ELK Veggie sandwich. . . and it tasted soooooo good to me. I believe that is only the second time I have really had red meat. . . since I had that nasty steak that guy wanted me to try in college. And it is a little strange considering I couldn't touch any meat after I had Beau. Well cheers to being a crazy preggo woman. I have also been sucking on frozen raspberries to help my ickies:)  


Angie said...

That does not sound fun! I hope your "ickies" go away SOON! I don't know HOW you have the will power...I give in so easy sometimes. I crave sour patch kids and chips and salsa when I'm pregnant...lol.

It will be so nice for you guys to know where you are moving...good luck with all that!

Sidenote: Looks like we left Brynley's coat at your house...nice, huh? On these bitter cold "spring" days. I'll try to give you a call sometime this week so we can come by...:)

karisadarling said...

Congrats on being pregnant! Maybe we will see you more if you are in CA!

Dane and Jessica said...

Hey I just saw your blog!! Congratulations on being pregnant how exciting!! Hope you get feeling better soon though