Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October to Remember

Halloween Bliss was quite extravagant this year, considering I usually don't do much. I have a friend in the ward who is a great example to me in making Holidays more memorable. As for costumes, CharLee was a cartoon character named Ben 10. Pretty much looks like a boy with a watch that makes him turn into monsters. Beau was a puppy of course. . . our little animal lover.This year we had a warmer holiday and so me and the kids carved our pumpkins outside. We also were so lucky and blessed to have Mom (Essa) with us for the entire month. There is nothing like Mom being around to help and love. It was so nice to have her presence for me and the kids. We love you and miss you and the family dearly. Halloween night the kids went Trick O Treating around the block and then we had the rest of the family over for a "ghoulish meal" at our spooky Lisonbee manor. It felt a lot like the feel of the Twilight Tower hotel lobby with the music and decor.We gave awards for the costumes and then bobbed for apples to caramel. We then ended the night with a good Halloween flick. It was so nice to have the family together to laugh and play. Maybe next year more family can come. Matthew and I also went to a friends spooky dinner party the night before. I cherish the times we have together and this was just extra fun to go out and get all dressed up.
We love you family. Thank you for making our October so memorable!


Wyatt said...

Those costumes are great! I love you guys too much for words. I miss you much. Thanks for posting those. xxxx

Mandy Boyer said...

Hi :) I know you don't know me--but I am Amber's sister Mandy. I just love you although I don't you because you love my sister and appreciate who she is! Just thought I'd introduce myself to you... kinda ;) She says I'd love you--I'm sure I'll meet you sometime soon with all this yoga awesome stuff beginning. Exciting! Have a good day.
P.S. Your family is adorable! I love that you went all out for Halloween; that is the only way to go :)