Thursday, November 13, 2008

J'aime ma Mere

J'aime ma Mere. Mom I love you, it was such a treat to have you here. The time you spent with me and the kids just lightened my load with the little things you did. I cherish the times we have together. Tell the family hello and send them luvs.


YoungpHorever said...

J'aime ma fille belle princesse!!!

My AshleyRoseLove,

I was showing Rob your cute Halloween pictures on your blog this morning and was so surprised at your latest post!:)XOXO
WOW.... Thanks for your love, my beautiful daughter.
Mothering, and Grandmothering are what I love to spend time at most. Thank you so much for allowing me to have such quality time with your sweet family while I was there in October.. It was so hard for me to leave. I was in heaven, truly.

Remember, I love you, like you love Bear and Beau! You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen/known.

Always, burnin' bright for you! XOXOXO
Mama Fiamma

ARICA said...

hey ash!
i'm doing great/feeling great these days. :) thanks for asking.. as for thanksgiving, i think this might be the only chance we may ever have to do it on our own, so i think we're going to do it. :) thanks so much though for thinking of including us! we love you, and YES, i would have to agree, it was fun for your mom to be up here last month. :)