Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recipe for the Week

Limey Shake
This is our favorite breakfast meal. . . or at least mine anyways.

1 Avocado
1 english cucumber unpeeled
1 handful spinach
2-3 limes peeled *I like 3
2-3 packets sweet leaf stevia
lots of ice

Blend until smooth in a vitamix. Sprinkle raw organic coconut on top.

For those who have asked, if you want organic healthy recipes:
My parents have published 4 books called the "PH Miracle" and 3 cook books
"Back to the House of Health , of which both have hundreds of recipes. All of the books
can be found if you go to my link "healthy lifestyle" under Things to Luv, or go to Amazon.


Nagels said...

Is this really good or does it take some getting use to?

I want to learn how to cook more organic, healthy, BUT taste good meals. Where do you start?

I'm interested in the shakes or soups that have lots of good healthy stuff in them.