Friday, September 26, 2008

My Love is 30!The day started with his request of not one but two breakfasts. The first homemade muesli. He then went to play some football so I could prepare the second course. Then it was veggie omelet and blueberry muff muffs.We invited a few high school friends over for a BBQ to celebrate the rest of the day. The men watched the BYU game while we ladies talked of course and kept track of all the little ones. Later on that day the men went to play baseball and then returned for cookie cake. The day was a lot of fun and even the kids were loving it being entertained by the Doxey clan. The next day we had the Family over for a BBQ Veggie pizza dinner and I had Lorie make the coveted Chocolate Cake. I am not the baker and so I was grateful she agreed to do it. Matthew loved it, thanks Mom. Chef CharLee loved making his own personal pan, of course. Thank you, Mom and Dad for your amazing son. Beautiful Arica and Drew. Look at those feet, Lane. Jo and Lee are beaming with a little one on the way.

We (Mom&Dad Lisonbee, Lane, Lee & Jo, Andrew&Arica) then just vegged in the front room opened gifts and watched an episode of Bryan Regan . . . always great. What a birthday. . .hope it was all you hoped for my Love. I love you more than you know!


Wyatt said...

What an awesome bday for mr. matthew! I heard the details over im-chat but now I see the actually happenings and it makes me miss you guys SO MUCH!

PS Ashely, why do you get more and more beautiful with every picture you post?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ash! It was good to see you again!

amber said...

Ok now that I see Matthew with his mom, I totally remember her! But I don't think I've seen her at class for a while! You're tempting me to start a blog (if I can ever find the cord to hook my camera to the computer). . . especially with all the links to other ward people. Very fun. :)