Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All New Things

So here are the 4 new things:
#1 I am reading the Twilight of which many have told me I should.
I am intrigued because of authors story of how it came
about. I feel Matthew has been similarly inspired in
writing his novel/series. One day he too will fulfill his
dream. You go my Luv.
#2 I figured out how to make a very tasty non dairy non gluten
zucchini bread for CharLee of which Matthew even said he enjoyed.
If anyone wants the recipe let me know.
#3 I bought some bottles and a canner; and as of right now
I am bottling fresh tomatoes from our garden. This will
make for yummy veggie soup in the winter months to come.
Never thought I would ever bottle, but I am excited about it.
Arica if you want to bottle or some garden veggies let
me know, there is plenty.
#4 I am phasing Beau into cloth and biodegradable diapers. . .so
much better for the earth and the budget. More work but it is
worth it.

I guess I have been really motivated to do and accomplish things
myself and in a "All Natural" way of course. I really feel impowered
knowing that I can learn and take care of my family better. I love
progressing in this way as a mother. There is comfort in knowing
I can help my own family live a more healthy clean and balanced life.


McGraths said...

Hey you stinker! You bottled tomatoes without me? I hope you added citric acid or lemon juice so you won't get botulism!

Ashley Lisonbee said...
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Anderegg & Co. said...

I would love the recipe for the Zuccini bread...it was delicious!