Thursday, September 4, 2008

CharLee's Birthday, Camping and More. . .

CharLee's Birthday, A Little Chefs Party!
CharLee this year desired to have a Ratitoulle themed B-day.
The day started with his requested cream of wheat with candles and Chocolate Silk.
Then I took balloons and a small treat to him at school.
His party then started at 4 when he arrived home from school.
We had all the kids make there own unique pizzas and then
had fruit pizza for dessert. We also had a fruit snack filled
pinata and a "guess what smell it is" game.
His highlight gifts were Camp Rock movie, thanks to Essa. Grandma Bee
gave him a humanitarian box in which he can make toys for kids
around the world and his Batman car from Daddy was also a hit. We missed you
Essa, Popeye and the rest of the family.

So we took a short trip to Ioka, Uintas this last weekend
for a Lisonbee/Nelsen Family campout.
It was good to see Grandma and Grandpa Cow
as we don't know how much longer they will be with us.
As for camping the first day was beautiful, and we were able to
play in the river. As for the rest of the camp out. . . it was not so much
fun but what an adventure. The last night the storm was so bad. It was
literally raining inside our tent. So a 2a.m. we decided to gather up Beau
and CharLee and make way for Grandmas house.

CharLee News:
CharLee is now officially off of all dairy and gluten and he is excited about
it. I told him he didn't have to do it since I know it was hard,
but the next morning he said, "Mom, we need to go through
the school menu and pick one day a week I can eat at school,
but it has to be dairy and gluten free." He also makes sure
I don't mess up making him his other meals. Way to go
Skippy (CharLee) you are so strong and brave.
He has also been enjoying his Baptism Book. Every night we
read a chapter. . . but he won't stop he insists on reading 3-4
chapters. Thus, we are almost finished. He says he wants
to read it again after we finish. CharLee is just a good boy
to the core. After school yesterday he told me how there
was some bully's at recess picking on some girls and he told
the boys to please stop. I knew even when CharLee was
very young, before he could talk, that he already had such
a pure sweet tender spirit.

Beau News:
Beau continues to todddle around. She is speaking more.
This morning I told her don't get in the dirt when we
walked CharLee to school and she said,"NNNNO, Dirt!"
She has also found her love for art. She especially loves to
color on the floors, highchair and the windows. Beau is
my little disaster girl. She leaves a blazing trail of mess
where ever she goes. This keeps me in shape. She is also
fond of dancing. She points to the ipod and reaches up for
Matthew and then takes his hand in dancers stance. I
don't know where she gets that from:) She melts Matthews heart
as they dance in the kitchen to some good Micheal Buble' tunes.
One thing she started doing is her love for being "Prettise" (Pretty).
She loves to pick out her clothes, hair barette, curler and also
jewelry for the day. She even has come out of my closet wearing
necklaces of mine I never wear. . . everyone knows how much I
love jewelry. Lets just say she is all girl. . . Everthing nice and a
little bit spice.

The Luvs:
Matthew and I are as in love as ever before. It was great sharing the non-ideal weekend
adventure with him. Work is going well and the prospects of new and exciting
opportunities are still a brew for him. I am just loving being a Mom and serving my family
the way I know best. Luvs, Kisses, healthy meals, story time, peaceful walks, art time,
cleaning time, dancing time and just vegging time.

I also started a cleanse this week. Today is day three and I am feeling much better. The first 2 days I was a little faint. I usually like to do this after I stop nursing to clean house and start
a new. Today for breakfast I had a "Limy" shake (thanks Essa) and for lunch
Gazpacho is in the plan and for dinner my garlic/onion/veg soup I made yesterday. Only 7 more days to go. . . and doing good! If anyone is interested it is from my parents book The pHMiracle; you can find it on Amazon. Thanks for all the knowledge Mom and Dad.



sounds like you guys are doing great. it's so nice to hear about everything! we're sad we missed CharLee's birthday, but Andrew has a present to give to him the next time we see you guys. :) All our love sis!

Ashley Smith said...

Beau is so adorable! You guys are so fun and sweet. Love ya!

bakers said...

Your blog is great too Ashley. What a fun family!!!

Wyatt said...

I love the photos of you and Matthew together with your cute funny faces. I miss you guys terribly...

PS Could your kids be any more gorgeous? Or you for that matter? What's going on? Where is all this beauty coming from?