Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Food Storage : A commandment not request

Last night I went to the most amazing and motivating enrichment night on how to make food from our storage and more than that just inspiration to really go for it and do it. It was amazing to really think about it. The church now more than ever before is really educating us, especially the young marrieds, to make it a priority NOW.  One sister gave many examples of why, she read the most great quote from Boyd K Packer that stated we are responsible for our own family after we marry, we are not to depend on other family members, friends or the church to take care of us if there is a need or a disaster. It said something like the church has enough to feed only about 14% of the members and that our neighbors and friends probably don't have our family in mind if something happens. . . it is up to US (especially as the woman) to research and be educated enough to do it, and not to procrastinate because we don't think its possible right now.  All of the excuses we give ourselves were talked about from , "I don't have kids yet to not enough money, no where to store it", and the list went on. They also gave many examples to make it easy and also to not spend extra $ but to use our money more wisely. They also said to obey its not merely buying the food but knowing and practicing how to use it. They kept repeating over and over how important it is for us young married and mothers to do this NOW.  An image that was created in my mind. . . what if Handsome or my children came and looked at me saying, "we are starving, what do we have?" I hope my response is, "we have plenty.". The teacher gave us a promise that if we just pray and start, a way will be provided, but it won't come without some sacrifice and work. So I continue to give up cute shoes, hair and nail pampering, latest style clothing and other momentary gratification selfish wants so we can be prepared and I have peace of mind that I obeyed the prophets council.  Do we like the ten virgins put off preparing our oil for the Bridegrooms arrival, do we procrastinate and justify or make excuses,  or do we just have faith, listen and obey. I am trying my best family.

Luvs, Gpants