Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorable Memorial

Saturday our family woke up early to go up to Salt Lake Downtown cemetery to honor some of our family that has passed. We picked up Granny and Uncle Dane and first stopped at my Grandpa Jerry's grave. He is my step Grandpa but the only one I really knew. . .it was because of him my Mom is an amazing artist and from that we were blessed to learn and grow a passion for art. Every time any of us kids completed an artistic piece Mom always says Grandpa is so proud. And now CharLee has the same passion.  Dane was so cute as he made sure all the flowers were presented perfectly and anchored them down. We then visited my Grandpa and Grandpa Young's graves.  I knew them most of my life and have so many fond memories with them at holidays, swimming in the pool, Grandpa in his chair and Grandma making little snacks in the kitchen in her oh so clean way.  Like my Grandpa Jerry and his blessings, our Young side is something to be proud of as it continues to dawn on me that I really come from Brigham. I feel a little guilty that I don't know as much as I probably should about such great progenitors.  We also went to visit my Granny's Fathers site and viewed the 1 of 5 wives we come down from. I guess I have no choice but to be grateful for polygamy, I am a product from it on both sides, without it I wouldn't be here.  After the Cemetery me the kids and Mom went to Hogle Zoo.  The kids loved it. It was fun to see CharLee walk Beau around like a puppy in her "don't get lost " harness.  We made a quick stop for caramel popcorn at the infamous Trolley Square on the way home and then it was off to bed after such a long day of great memorable fun.

Sunday we had a combined dinner with our Lisonbee family; the highlight Gr Bee's rhubarb pie! Monday our family woke and went on a beautiful walk,run by the Lake. We then came home and planted our yummy herbs and veggies in our little garden. CharLee did a great job at planting. Then we completed the rest of our home chores and went to Monsters vs. Aliens Real D. We ended the day with a quick stop to the Yummy Red Mango and a Veggie BBQ at home.  We feel tremendously blessed to come from such wonderful ancestry and it was fun to reminisce and honor this weekend. 
Luvs, Gpants