Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair, Names. . . my randomness

Well of late with my short cut I am not sure if I feel quite myself, maybe because I pregnant, so I again have decided to grow it out. . . this doo or length is my next goal since its just about what my hair does (not much I know and its good at flipping like that). And then I think I'll grow it a bit more and possibly bangs. . I don't know. . .this time I will not cut them myself if it happens. 

Another random thing that has been on my mind is names. Names for the babee in my belly. A boy we have decided Fenix or spelled Pheonix and for a middle name pretty sure its Matthias. How's Pheonix Matthias Lisonbee for a strong name eh? And if by the slim chance its a girl and we all know its not:) we're hopeful, I love Gwenyth Jolee Lisonbee.  Yes again its a French name that i love and can you blame me its beautiful.  In fact my flour baby in High school was Jolee, loved it for a long time but a pity I probably won't use it, we'll see.



McGraths said...

So when do you find out the gender?

Megan said...

Both names are beautiful! I'm, of course, drawn to Gwenyth... having my own Gwen and all.