Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mineral Makeup

So we have test products for the new pH Miracle organic all natural mineral makeup line. I need input on the name. Do you like Ashley Rose Minerals     OR       pHace Minerals???   The pHace name goes with the whole pH concept but there is also power in just a name. I hope to be able to put this together soon and hopefully the baby line.  I am grateful I have my parents to help and someone to formulate it; now its just organizing ideas and coming up with how to market it.  Its nice that I have photography and Matthew film back round, this will also be helpful.


The Gurrs said...

I like Ashley Rose Minerals . . . it's a softer name and that seems like a fitting thing for make-up. That's my vote. :)

Arica said...

i like pHace minerals because of how it fits with your parents entire line of product..
also, charlee stopped by and said he has new things on his blog but i haven't received an invite to read his blog!


Justin and Olya said...

Ashley Rose. Definitely. What if you did something like " Ashley Rose pHase minerals" if you want to incorporate pH theme. Ashley Rose is just so beautiful and much more attractive to me personally then phace minerals.