Friday, June 5, 2009

Simple Surprise

Handsome this morning said he needed to go to the bank and he'd be right back. He came home and quickly covered my eyes as I was in the middle of my Kundalini and said keep them closed. Then he said do you want a surprise now or later. Of course I responded now. He guided me into our bathroom and there on the shower door hung a new navy silk sash dress and a blazer with a matching navy hue tie. I was shocked, he then asked me if I would go to Prom with him. You all know I was never asked to Prom or any "high school dance" for that fact. So that is where he was this morning:) making his plans. I love him. Since the day we met he has given me simple sweet surprises that surpass any grandiose adventure I've had in my life. . .I love him. He had me try on the dress and then tied the sash above my baby belly and then said and you have to wear your hair down. You all know I am not feeling the prettiest lately but oh how he can make me feel gorgeous. I love him. Off we go to second chance prom tonight, a second chance and only chance I've ever had.


Crystal said...

oh how cute Ash!!!!! Please post some pics kay. You are gorgeous when you are preggers! I hope you guys had a great night!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

That is sweet!! Goof for you Matt, you're awesome!!

Angie said...

That is one of my go to prom (since I was another one of those not asked to any dance in hs...) I am excited for you! (But a little jealous Have a GREAT time!