Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day


This fathers day I hope that you feel love even though you are miles away from family. As I was in my kitchen I started to think of all the many ways you have blessed my life and taught me. Here are a few ways I appreciate and love you. . .

You have taught me my Faith of which has helped me through tough times. I have many memories of just having Fun, whether it be playing glue, airplane or just play hard. Now it is so fun to see you do similiar things with my children, and how they adore you.

You have shown me how to have a positive outlook or Attitude with situations in life, always so optimistic and I love that.

You taught me to try to spend Time with family, even though it might have seemed you always were working, I can see now with your sacrificing you also tried to bring our family together. This is something that is very important to me now in my own family. We appreciated you coming to spend time with us at Lagoon. You also Taught me the Gospel of which I am so grateful for.
You are an example of Hard Work. I can see how much you love and want for your family.
There is no mistaking this one. You have taught us to Eat right and take care of our Heavenly vessels. I know this has blessed me and my family and many others who are so grateful.
You gave me my name Rose. You have taught me to honor, love and respect our Savior and Redeemer. The relationship I have with Him could not be if you had not taught me about His life.

There are many other things you are and I wanted to list a few. . .Thank you. I love you Dad.

Ashley Rose a.k.a Princess