Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom Models

It was so fun to be with Mom this weekend. We had so much fun. We took the kids to a few movies,Zupas and red Mango, the zoo and swimming. It is so nice to have her here to keep me company and help with the kids. One night she brought Granny's model portfolio and we looked through her model shots. . . she was so gorgeous.  It brought back memories. . . Its funny to think not only are we all only daughters but we also were all models for years. . . I often don't tell people and am not necessarily proud that I did, its just interesting that we all did. I guess when I look at it that way it is something to be proud of, fun times.  My Mom however said it was not so fun for her to send me to Europe, but I thank her for allowing me to follow what "I thought" was my dream, I learned so much. Little did I realize my life now, as it is, IS my dream.

Luvs, Gpants