Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree Hunt 2011

This year we spent Thanksgiving out in Ioka with Matthews Grandparents. The kids always love to go out to the Ranch where they can frolic with the cousins and hear the Moo cows in the morn. We ate at Aunt Lisas. To end the celebration we went up for a 4 hour excursion in the snowy Uintas to find our little tree for our home. We were so proud of the Buick it made it the whole way. The kids loved playing in the snow and the search for the tree. Matthew and I even woke up early and ran the Turkey Trot down the honor of the Jenkins:)


nattapatta said...

We miss you guys! I'm glad you guys ran the turkey trot up there. We were thinking about all of you on Thanksgiving too!