Monday, December 14, 2009


Andi started to smile. . .loves to CharLee.

Snow is finally here, yeah!!!

Snowflake Making

Semi Healthy Dark Chocolate, Almond, cranberry, coconut bark for the neighbors making

Went to CharLee's Best Christmas Play

Tree Decorating. . .we each take turns putting our Thankful Bears on the tree and say one thing we are grateful for or admire about one another.

Charlee was sweet saying he was thankful for his two sisters

Daddy is in the kitchen more often this time of year helping with all the festive meals

And the kids decorated their own room trees

Beau is so much fun this year, fascinated with everything

The kids love to play with their toy nativity, and we watched the Nativity as a family

Daddy stringing up the lights on our new freshly cut mountain tree

Little Angel with her Daddy

Andi was also very fond of her Uncle Alex

Thanksgiving was so fun with both sides of the family this year. Love you Family