Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Babes and Homeschool

So my kids are growing way to fast and with my 3rd and probably last on the way, it feels surreal.  Of late little Beau has begun to act oh, maybe 3 or 4years old. You can go ask her to bring you ointment and she'll run to her bathroom find the desitin and bring it back to you. She also has has started to laugh hysterically at jokes and funniness on the TV. She asks where Dad and CharLee are ,and says her own prayer with no help! "Heavenly Father, Dank doo for DADA, CharLee, Moma Puppy. Bless Food and DADA. name Jesus Christ Amen". . . it goes something like that:) Yesterday she brought me a tissue since I've had a horrible cold, and then when I was finished she took it from me and smiled and said,"Garbage!" and then raced it to the garbage in the kitchen. She is obsessed with Monsters Inc.  and she has started to sing like Boo. She also loves her princesses and still finds Daddy to show him her new look for the day, "Pretties!" 

CharLee is doing so well. He still continues to amaze me with his brilliance. He has been busy writing his Chapter Books. He sits down and writes around a 20 page book and illustrates it. Who does that in first grade? I was still trying to sound out Cat and Dog. He is very excited to start home school and so are we. We have decided to structure it something like this:

Typical Day at Moma and Dada's School

6-7 Excercise/ Shower 
8-9am Family scriptures, devotional and prayer/breakfast cleanup
915 In "Moma's" school/ Flag Pledge
930 Piano Practice
10 English/ read, write, grammar,spelling, creative writing
11 Right start Math
12 History/Science 
(Matthew has opted to teach History , to include: American, Church, Asia and Greece for this year)
LUNCH  made by the kids (cooking lesson time:)
Thursdays- Art, Art theory and Art History      
Tuesdays- Music History and Workshops

Bedtime: Read 20 min a day from our monthly Novel

We will be done by 1 pm and we will not have school on Fridays so we can go on field trips, library, play and clean the home together. . . we will have so much fun!

While I have CharLee going on his assignments, I am going to start teaching Beau fun Preschool stories, rhymes, art and just good play time.  I'll basically bounce back in forth. 
We are going to have a dedicated school room/space in which will be for educating CharLee and plenty of toys, games and play dough for Beau. I feel this is going to be such good quality time with our children. We are blessed to have this opportunity to teach them. Now its time to prep over the summer and get ready for the fun!


Angie said...

That really sounds great! I've realized that I don't really like that I only have a couple hours with Brynley every day. An hour of that is eating dinner, and another hour is getting ready for bed. Her teacher gets her for 7 hours! That just doesn't seem right! :) I might have to rethink homeschooling. I just don't know if I have the patience and discipline...and knowledge.
Good luck with moving and everything! SO glad we can stay in touch this way!